Stupid Things People Say When Your Son Kills Himself

Here are some responses to other people’s insensitivity, stupidity, or disrespectful behavior. The list will grow.

“Didn’t you see it coming?”

“Yes, but I didn’t like him, so this was my chance to get rid of him.”

“How did he do it?”

“Want to come over and see?”

“Why can’t I see the body? I want to say goodbye.”

“During the autopsy, they had to cut off the top of his head and remove his brain. That is kind of hard to hide. I suppose we could put on a clown hat.”

“Where have you been? On vacation? Where did you go?” (For someone who doesn’t know you but passes by once in a while.)

“My son killed himself in my living room.”

“He’s in a better place.”

“Really? Did you know him well enough to say that?”

“Thoughts and prayers.”

“Thanks for thinking about it because I am trying not to, but your prayers are great, if you are going to do so and not just announce it to the world.”

“I just lost my cat.”

Quizzical look in return.

“I love my fur babies just like my own children.”

“Then you had better see a psychiatrist.”

More to come.

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