What to put on Facebook.

We all know that something isn’t real, or true unless we see it on Facebook.

After I had talked to people who knew Chris, I made a public post so we would not be mobbed by stupidity.

Everyone respected it.

If you need it, here it is:

“I insist that you do not respond to this. I just want everyone to know what has happened. I don’t want to hear about your thoughts and prayers, please just give them if you are so inclined. I don’t want to hear the words everyone says at these times.

Please just respect my request not to comment or message me some platitudes.

My son, Chris, killed himself Tuesday night. He has fought the fight for 26 years and he just had enough. On his computer screen was information he was looking up about insurance, which would not cover his mental illness.

The system killed him.

What has happened is not a secret. We are not embarrassed. We are broken, now and forever.

Please. No comments. If you can do something to help, I have already contacted you, but I appreciate the many of you who would want to.”

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