The Text

I was expecting it. The text from the Great Diapered One came today. I thought it was supposed to be sent out a few weeks ago.

My sons are adults. The younger came to me with his phone and said, “Did you get this?” I explained that most people got it. When he asked me why, I explained the Great Diapered One was doing his best to start a war with someone Iran, North Korea, China, Canada, Great Britain. Anyone.


He wants to push the button.

He asked about it before he even took the oath of office.

How do I push the button?

Do I have to ask someone or can I just do it?

This man is mentally ill. He shows the symptoms of many dangerous diseases. Mental illnesses are identified by their symptoms. He, most certainly, has many.

He should not be near the button.

He should not be near a toilet with a plunger.

I explained to my son that there was hope that someone who has the power to stop it along the way, will do so. Even if it is the person who fires the missiles. The breaking of an oath or the destruction of the world because someone needs his diaper changed. What to do?

I know. The people who do the actual firing are highly trained to just follow orders. Maybe someone above them could delay it long enough to get the Great Diapered One removed quickly. Anyone who does the right thing faces treason, many more crimes, and faces death.

Who is strong enough and brave enough to sacrifice his/her life to save the world?

I do not have that option if I were strong enough.


Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.

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