You have Grieved Long Enough

Fortunately, everyone who knows me knows that I would rip their heads off if they suggested that maybe it is time for me to be getting over the loss of Chris.
I will never get over the loss of Chris. How could I? That utterly remarkable person stopped existing.

It doesn’t get better. It gets worse. You know what he would say, but he isn’t here to say it. You know that he would grow and change and get even smarter, wittier, and wiser.

It never would have occurred to me, before this happened, to suggest that someone’s grief over the loss of their child was unreasonably long. You just know it. You don’t even have to have a child to know that there can’t be any way to move beyond it. Now I know that I can’t even peak around it.

If I ever, ever, ever hear those words come out of someone’s mouth or see it written anywhere, all Hell will break loose. You think you have heard or seen me angry, try it. Just try it.

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